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More than just bikefitting.

Motion Analysis

Bikefitting, Consulting Measuring, Body Statics Measuring, Treadmill Analysis

Motion Analysis plays a key role when it comes to identification and prevention of physical imbalances. This counteracts pain, possible injuries and enhances your performance.

  1. Bikefitting (Standard, Tri- and TT-Bike)
  2. Consulting Measuring
  3. Body Statics Measuring
  4. Treadmill Analysis

Performance Diagnostics

Lactate analysis and respiratory gas analysis, Racing-Performance Test "Basic" & "Pro", V02 max Test, Basal Metabolic Rate Measurement & Body Fat Measurement

Performance diagnostics help us to determine your actual level of performance and to specify your personal training-zones. With the exception of the basal metabolic rate measurement & body fat measurement, all other performance diagnostics take place on an ergometer or treadmill.

  1. Performance Diagnostics incl. lactate analysis
  2. Performance Diagnostics incl. lactate analysis and respiratory gas analysis
  3. Racing-Performance Test
  4. Basal Metabolic Rate Measurement
  5. Body Fat Measurement

Training Control

Individual Training Control and Planning

We offer individual training control for cyclists, runners and triathletes backed by results of the respective performance diagnostics.

  1. Individual Training Control for cyclists, runners, triathletes
  2. Training Schedule as a framework


Adjustment & control of Solestar, orthopaedic- and osteopathic insoles.

Insoles take corrective action concerning physical imbalances and remove false positions. To adjust your personal insole, a motion analysis is a mandatory requirement.

The SOLESTAR Carbon Cycling Insoles were specially developed for cycling. Due to it's mechanism of action, it not just stabilizes your feet during transmission of forces, but also reduces shear forces and corrects the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to the individual adjustment, you'll benefit from a higher comfort as well as an enhanced level of performance.

Osteopathic Insoles (a.k.a neuromuscular, sensomotoric or proprioreceptive insoles) make us of trigger-points on your feet, to cause endogenous reactions. By activating and / or blocking several muscles and sinews reflex arcs get activated, which have a strong effect on body posture. Muscular imbalances and muscle tenseness can be resolved that way.

Orthopaedic Insoles correct false positions of your feet and try to take them back to their original state. They distribute pressure evenly, soften your tread and reduce possible peak values of pressure.

Our funtional insoles make use of different types of wedges, to reduce rotation and physical imbalances. Thanks to a precise fine adjustment, combined with vast experience, we are able to "keep your body straight by optimizing your feet"

Depending on your physical complains such as personal targets, we combine the methods presented above.

SRM Sale

It's all about wattage - Train like the pros do!

The SRM - Training System allows your - as a cyclist - to constantly control your training due to an integrated wattage measuring system. Training - zones, which have been determined in a performance diagnostics before, can now be maintained perfectly.